Blue Balls - Parenting is dirty business - horizon

About Sunshine

Married mother of three, Sunshine Sweet knows the chaos parenting holds. And

with chaos comes stress.  What better stress-reliever is there than laughter?  

Sunshine caught herself saying phrases in moments of innocent play while hanging

out with her kids who were oblivious to the double meanings.  She saw an

opportunity and Blue Balls Parenting is Dirty Business was born.  Floating the

idea to friends opened a whole new world of texts and emails with even more

phrases. Sunshine is extremely grateful for the support she has received while

bringing the project to life.


Sunshine works outside of the house because her sanity depends on it.  You can

also find her chasing her dreams on early morning runs in Colorado and during

the winter you'll likely find her hunting ducks in the flooded timber of Arkansas.

About Emmi

Having spent her childhood as a guerilla artist, making paper installations with masking tape and using her family's fireplace as a source for drawing supplies, Emmi Ojala now works as a professional illustrator and graphic designer specialised in quirky cuteness. Her style has an innocent flair, which she loves to spice up with a bit of wit. Working on Blue Balls - Parenting is dirty business was a golden chance for Emmi to get to inject a good dose of humour into her work!


Currently, the Finnish illustrator and her pencils are based in the Netherlands, where they continue drawing, pursuing their creative ambitions and living in symbiosis with Photoshop.